Hi there!
I'm Kate, and I was inspired to create Intelligent Species in memory of my dog, Gracie. Gracie and I were friends for 13 years. I knew we were soulmates the moment we met, when she jumped and rolled around my feet, and proceeded to pee all over the floor from excitement. She embodied that excitement throughout her entire life (and peed on the floor a lot as well). Her heart was wild with love, and she shared it with everyone she met.
When she was 10, Gracie joined me on a cross country road trip from Philadelphia to start a new life in Los Angeles. She loved hikes and the park, but most of all, she loved getting in the car for a good drive, with her eyes closed, face out the window, smelling everything we'd pass.

As she got older, Gracie developed severe separation anxiety, and was later diagnosed with leukemia. Solutions for her anxiety were extremely difficult to treat, especially in her old age and with deteriorating health, I faced threats of eviction over her barking when I would leave. The anxiety caused her an enormous amount of distress and I saw no other option but to make her a certified Emotional Support Animal. (In case you haven't heard of Emotional Support Animals, they are pets train to accompany and emotionally support people in need.) I could take her everywhere with me and keep her stress levels down.  This wasn't easy, especially with a sick dog, but I knew it was what she needed, and she deserved nothing less than unconditional love and support. She needed to be with me, and it soon became very clear that I was her Emotional Support Animal.

Now that she has passed, I see her when I look into the eyes of any animal. I see love, I see loyalty, I see a creature vulnerable to humanity, and in need of our support. This is the force that compels me to contribute to the welfare of all animals.

Intelligent Species is here to act as a reminder to be compassionate to all beings, (including the earth) and that we must remain committed, loyal, and dedicated not only to our pets, but to all animals suffering at the hands of human industry.

That is why I have decided to donate 15% of all profits to organizations working to keep our planet and all animals safe.

This commitment to compassion also applies to humans.

Our products are ethically made in WRAP certified facilities, and printed with water-based inks.

Live Compassionately. Live Intelligently.